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      Frilo, 구조분석, 구조 설계, 소프트웨어, Nemetschek

       Frilo는 구조 엔지니어들을 위해 30년이상 경력의 독일 구조설계 전문가들이 모여 개발한 프로그램 입니다.

       컴팩트한 정보출력과 세부적인 설계의 해석 및 계산에 관하여 사용자 쉽게 컨트롤 할 수 있습니다. 



          ▶ EASY TO USE

           We give utmost consideration to easy-to-use functions and their orientation towards the practical requirements of engineers.

           The similar structure of all software applications allows you to become familiar with all modules and handle them reliably in no time. 


          The Frilo software system guarantees a real economic benefit that is not only due to the efficient workflow.

           It is also distinguished by an excellent price-performance ratio.


          Wherever you are working in Europe and no matter where your customers come from, you can handle any project in compliance

          with the appropriate technical standards thanks to the Frilo software applications.

          Frilo integrates the Eurocodes in combination with numerous National Annexes and a set of national codes like DIN



         The component-oriented structure of the Frilo software system allows for 

         very efficient working particularly with bearing structures of low or medium complexity.

         The definition of the system and the loads is limited to the required 

         minimum for each component. Therefore, even complex components can be calculated

         and designed with little input effort. 

         The software applications automatically assess the load combinations and parameters for

         the calculation and the design. 

         With around 70 applications, we reply to a wide range of demands in practice. 

         That is why Frilo software works efficiently in your day-to-day business and you can

         obtain results quickly via the structural analysis output.









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