토목 IT 인프라 구축용 BIM 소프트웨어 

Novapoint is a module based planning concept with 27 Novapoint products based in 18 countries.

With Novapoint you can combine different subjects within the transportation industry in one model.




       Novapoint is professional design software in the field of civil engineering with 

       a strong emphasis on infrastructure design. It uses AutoCAD as its CAD platform.

       It is being used by, road, railway, public works departments, 

       consultants, and universities in Europe and Asia. In all markets Novapoint has been

       customized to meet local design and drawing standards in co-operation with local

       design authorities and design engineers. Since its introduction in 1988 Novapoint 

       has consistently expanded and improved its line of software for engineers around

       the world. At present Novapoint have over 10000 licences in 18 countries. 




▶ Modeling the geometry

▶ 3D and Crosssections viewer for road Design

▶ Import data to the Terrain model

▶ Volume documentaion as hatched cross sections

▶ Export setting out data

▶ Design and calculation of roads

▶ Quality control

▶ Volumes between measured-in terrain layers

▶ Visualizing the structure







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