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 ASPIRE is an essential tool for those funding, commissioning and implementing infrastructure projects

 in developing countries.

   This easy to use software allows organisations to evaluate the impact of their work and maximise their contribution to poverty

          reduction and sustainable development.



            From housing programmes to sanitation, agriculture to transport, ASPIRE enables  organisations to identify opportunities

            and gaps and deliver a pro-poor sustainable programme.

            ASPIRE  is the only tool that provides organisations with an analytical framework that comprehensively addresses

            the three ‘pillars’ of sustainability, environment, society, economics and uniquely recognises institutions as a fourth

            critical dimension in developing country contexts.

            It uses over 90 detailed indicators to ensure that you are asking the right questions and considering the critical issues.

           This highly intuitive software is ideally suited for use throughout the project cycle, from inception to completion.

           It can be used as an ongoing programme management tool to identify priorities and support informed decision making

           whilst the project is underway.

           Equally it is valuable as an evaluation tool to assess project performance and to promote wider organisational learning.

           Arup International Development and Engineers Against Poverty, offer a variety of important services to help support your

           organisations use of ASPIRE.


ASPIRE Examples





         ASPIRE presents a unique, holistic framework for assessing the long-term impacts of infrastructure projects in developing countries.


          Key features of ASPIRE include:

         ▶ The only tool on the market with integrated evaluation of poverty reduction & sustainability performance,

             critical in a developing country context.

         ▶ Celebrates successful aspects of projects and enables positive identification of opportunities.

         ▶ Useful throughout the whole project life cycle: from inception through to maintenance, to inform decision making

             and monitor performance.

         ▶ Valuable for use as an evaluation tool to understand the impact of the programme and to capture organisational learning.

         ▶ Intuitive interface and built in help functions make completing assessments and generating high quality outputs straightforward.

         ▶ Simple to use and understand. ASPIRE has been designed  for those who may not have specialist knowledge of

             sustainability and poverty reduction issues.

         ▶ Application of a consistent framework and the clear graphical outputs  generated enables objective comparison

             across countries or contexts



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