Scia Design Form

Scia Design Form
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       Scia Design Forms is a new technology for Open Design.

       This advanced scripting technology was created specifically for the structural engineer. 

       Create your own calculation forms with transparent output, or simply use one of the many applications based on it,

       like Scia Concrete Section, etc.




       Scia Design Forms, a new technology for Open Design.

       Scia Design Forms is a new scripting technology that is created specifically with the Structural Engineer in mind.

       Create your own calculations, with a transparent output of all formula's and graphics, using standard material and

       section libraries or even custom libraries. Use them as a stand-alone solution for your day-to-day calcs, or integrate them

       in the 3D analysis with Scia Engineer. Powerful applications have already been built on this technology, like Scia Concrete Section:

       an easy and productive tool to check any reinforced concrete section.

       Scia Design Forms Is a growing collection of calculations, downloadable via the Design Store.

       Be part of our growing community of developers. Give your ideas a design form and get rewarded by your colleagues

       in an international design world.      



                           New! Scia Concrete Section                                                   Scia Design Forms Builder



                     What is New in Scia Design Forms 5.0                              Scia Design Forms – Test if for free for yourself !




       Easy to use for day-to-day design - The user interface is as simple as can be, just modify the input values and check the output

       High quality calculation reports - because the documents you hand over to your clients reflect the quality of your work,

       we made sure that you have always the level of detail you require 

       Clear output of formulas - Includes mathematical formulas with symbols, substituted numbers and final result

       Dynamic pictures - For easily understandable data and results, because a picture says more than thousand words !

       Interactive workflow - The live update of all results allows you to work fast, never waiting on the software

       Write your own code checks - For simple of complex calculations, you sometimes need more than what the software provides.

       Now you have the power to write your own checks and share them

       Integration with Scia Engineer - The input values for a given calculation can be directly taken from Scia Engineer (geometry, loads, etc.),

       the resulting unity checks or values are displayed on the 3D model and the detailed calculation output can be integrated

       in the Engineering report.





        Scia Design Forms User application, Builder                        This movie shows how to simply make Design Forms 

        application and integration in Scia Engineer                        by the builder Application

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