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SeismoStruct is an award-winning Finite Elements package
capable of predicting the large displacement behaviour of space frames under static or dynamic loading, taking into account both geometric nonlinearities and material inelasticity.
Concrete, steel, frp and superelastic shape-memory alloy material models are available, together with a large library of 3D elements that may be used with a wide variety of pre-defined steel, concrete and composite section configurations.



The rational and intuitive structure and simplicity

of the package, which follows a very straightforward methodology with a series of input modules (tabs) from the materials definition to the performance criteria and the selected output, results in a very smooth learning curve even for engineers that do not have a deep knowledge of the Finite Element method. Further, the Building Modeller and the Wizard modules provide an extremely efficient, fast and intuitive way to create the structural model of regular and irregular reinforced concrete buildings, by introducing simply the geometry and the reinforcing details of the building's members.







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