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SeismoBuild is an innovative Finite Elements package
that can be employed to carry out structural assessment and strengthening of reinforced concrete framed structures. The program makes use of the Nonlinear Static Procedure (NSP), it is thus based on pushover analysis, and is capable of fully undertaking code defined seismic assessment methodologies, from the structural modelling through to the required analyses and the corresponding member checks.



It is a software tool focused on seismic assessment and strengthening

SeismoBuild follows an innovative new methodology, by which seismic assessment is fully separated from the design procedures and parameters.
The main advantage of this approach is simplicity and clarification. With just a limited number of settings, dedicated only to assessment, and with a linear, straightforward process from structural modelling through to the analysis, the capacity checks and the export of the technical report and the structural drawings, the entire approach is fully transparent and intuitive.







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