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 The leading analysis program for sections under load

AdSec’s analysis helps design all kinds of sections under load. Working from first principles,

software can handle sections made from concrete, steel or fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) sections,

or any combinations of these materials.



       Analyse sections under load to international codes

         AdSec is ideal for tasks such as analysing a bridge beam for cracking under load,

         designing a composite mega column, checking a pre-stressed floor or finding

         the capacity of a pile. AdSec is also invaluable for refurbishment projects, enabling

         engineers to calculate the capacity of existing beams and columns, then telling them

         how much improvement they can achieve from bonded carbon fibre plates and other

         improvements. For uniaxial and biaxial conditions, the software gives analysis options

         for serviceability and ultimate limit states to national and international design codes.

         AdSec offers convenient tools for generating irregular sections and uses simplified

         parametric input of geometry and reinforcement layout for regularly shaped column

         and beam sections. Tools then allow users to assemble these into more complex

         (compound) sections.

         Engineers use AdSec to analyse axial loads and bending moments, and to prestress loads using bonded and unbonded tendons.

         Creep, differential shrinkage and temperature effects can be investigated using applied strains. And users can combine long-term

         dead loads with short-term imposed loads and derive forces and moments from strains and curvatures.

         Used by engineers around the world, AdSec is the leading analysis program for sections under load.


AdSec  section  analysis





Design Codes:

  • ACI 318-02 & ACI 318M-02
  • ACI 318-05 & ACI 318M-05
  • ACI 318-08
  • AS3600-2001
  • BS5400 including IAN70/06
  • BS8110:1985, BS8110:1997 & BS8110:1997 including the 2007 amendment
  • Eurocode 2 (EN 1992-1-1:2004) including the national annexes for
    • Denmark
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Netherlands
    • United Kingdom
  • Hong Kong Code of Practice 1987 and 2004 including AMD1 2007
  • Hong Kong Structures Design Manual 2002
  • IS 456 : 2000


Section Builder

  • Rectangle
  • Circular
  • I section
  • Tee & inverted tee
  • Channel
  • Angle
  • Taper
  • Elliptical
  • General I section
  • Tapered tee
  • Tapered angle
  • Taper I section
  • Recto-circular
  • Recto-ellipse
  • Secant pile
  • Perimeter
    • DXF import
    • Explicit definition
    • Bridge beam library

Section Generation Wizards
Concrete Sections with Steel Reinforcement
Explicitly placed bars plus template reinforcement patterns for the following sections:

  • Rectangle
  • Circular
  • Tee & inverted tee
  • Tapered tee
  • I section
  • General I section
  • Taper
  • Channel
  • Angle
  • Elliptical
  • Recto-circular

Steel Structural Sections
FRP Sections & Reinforcement
Compound Sections and Tools
Explicit Material Curves

Ultimate Limit State

ULS Capacity Analysis
Stresses and strains from the ultimate applied loads and stresses
Ultimate resistance N/M (P/M) interaction Chart
Ultimate resistance Myy / Mzz moment interaction chart

Serviceability Limit State

Cracking moment calculation
Stresses, stiffness and crack widths
Moment Stiffness & Moment Curvature Charts





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